2015: The Year Of Mobile (As Every Year Should Be)

It’s the year of mobile. No seriously it is. We blogged in 2013 about Mobile SEO saying it was an important factor. We blogged in 2014 about Local SEO having a larger reliance on mobile. And now here we are in February 2015 and it seems that every other day a news site will take that not so bold step in saying that this is the year of mobile. But maybe it always has been? Continue reading “2015: The Year Of Mobile (As Every Year Should Be)”

Monday Mentions: 23rd February

So Birdman won Best Picture at the Oscars a few hours ago. We’ll tell you what it won’t win: ranking number 1 for the term ‘Birdman’ (it sits at the bottom of the first page). Much like Michael Keaton losing his marbles, the site doesn’t have an XML sitemap or Robots.txt among a whole host of problems. But enough about movies having poorly optimised sites, let’s see what is going on the digital marketing world today. Continue reading “Monday Mentions: 23rd February”

Instagram For Business: How Does It Work?

Instagram is a beautiful thing. It’s a fantastic looking app. It’s easy to navigate. It’s the best place to get Simpsons quotes on your phone every few hours. It’s a personal journal that requires a millisecond to look at and easily get the gist of someone’s day. It’s also still a relatively unexplored platform and something that many businesses are afraid of. Why are they afraid of it? Well for one thing, WHERE DO LINKS GO? Continue reading “Instagram For Business: How Does It Work?”