Monday Mentions : 19th January

Happy Monday morning everybody. Hope you all had a good weekend and didn’t have to spend the first half hour of your morning commute in the driveway scraping ice off the wind shield. It’s colder than cold outside today and with a big freeze set to continue all week, it’s getting so cold that our poor fingers are having a hard time thumbing through our phones to provide a welcome distraction to the start of the day. You don’t have to suffer the same fate though. Continue reading “Monday Mentions : 19th January”

12 Rubbish Things You’ll Hear Back At Work Today

For many people, today is the first official day back in work. And with the first working day of the year comes one truth: you will get a lot of rubbish chat. Luckily in this office we don’t abide by the rules of boring chat when there is work to be done, puppies to be petted and quizzes to make sure we get 100% in.

Now that it’s halfway through lunchtime and the first work day back,  check to see how many of these hollow words you’ll have heard or been subjected too this morning. Continue reading “12 Rubbish Things You’ll Hear Back At Work Today”