Christmas Ads 2014: Which one is the best?

About this time last week there was suddenly an influx of penguins on my Facebook feed, well one. His name was Monty and every single instance of his name incited cries of ‘aww’ ‘so cute’ ‘can’t wait for Xmas’ etc. I took a quick look and saw that the domain was for sale. I said I’d buy it right then and there but got distracted and when I remembered a few hours later some lucky duck (or penguin) had snapped it up. Continue reading “Christmas Ads 2014: Which one is the best?”

Monday Mentions : 3rd November

The first week of November aka “Fireworks making you jump out of your seat every few hours” week is in full swing. After a fun filled Halloween weekend and a comedown from the sugar overdose of unclaimed trick of treat goodies, all eyes on are the big names who are suddenly panicking about their back links and how Groupon is only catching on to what their audience might want.
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