Top 5 Films – July

From my earliest years I have always been a huge film fan. I still have vague memories of my mother taking me to see Jurassic Park at the Grosvenor Cinema when I was 4 years old. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, these monstrous dinosaurs were to my mind ‘real’ and as such I experienced the same excitement and terror from my popcorn littered seat as those characters in the film did. Continue reading “Top 5 Films – July”

Commonwealth Games Opening Poll : Fantastic or Flop?

The Commonwealth Games kicked off with a bang last night bang, social media was buzzing as people discussed what was unfolding in front of them but what did you think? You will be able to read more about the opening ceremony on here today but for now we want to know whether you enjoyed the show that was beamed to over 1 billion people last night. Continue reading “Commonwealth Games Opening Poll : Fantastic or Flop?”