The World Cup with Teeth – Suarez Bites Back

So far the World Cup has given us plenty to…er…chew over? I know, sorry, but we have to talk about it. In a World Cup that has seen an extraordinary amount of goals, some shock results, favourites being dumped out early and a great carnival spirit, it is sad that what it will probably be remembered for is yet another disgraceful scene including Luis Suarez. Continue reading “The World Cup with Teeth – Suarez Bites Back”

5 Things We Found Out About @boyddigital

When a Channel4 show a few months ago claimed that Twitter was the best video game of all time, a lot of eyebrows were raised. Twitter isn’t really a game as such (unless you’re desperate to get as many followers as possible) as it is a tool. And when something is viewed as a tool for engagement, its always a good idea to take a look under the car bonnet and see how your engine is working. Continue reading “5 Things We Found Out About @boyddigital”

Top 5 Films – June

So when Gregor told me I had to write about my 5 favourite films to celebrate the Edinburgh International Film Festival, I thought how?! I don’t really have favourites! However, here are 5 films that I could watch over and over again without getting bored, so I guess these are as good as any. Continue reading “Top 5 Films – June”

Monday Mentions: 23rd June

A cloudy Monday morning after a beautifully bright weekend? You cannot be serious! The start of Wimbledon today means two things for everyone across the country:  a sudden rummage through closets and garages to find rackets that only get used for two blissful summer weeks, and an upsurge in the consumption of strawberries and cream. But how does the internet react to a bit of Murray Mania? Continue reading “Monday Mentions: 23rd June”