Top 10 Technologies that died in 2017

Every year brings its hardships and misfortunes. The tech world isn’t immune; brands and gadgets go back and forth. An unquestionable requirement has a gadget or addictive service is effortlessly disposed of as Venture capital funds become newer and dry up, shinier offerings develop.

Numerous information technology project failures were overlooked by the majority long ago; it might surprise you they even still existed in 2017. But, all are deserving of a quick doff of the cap in regard to the fallen.

This year, we lost some once-notable products due to technology failures that lost their utility long back, alongside some that most likely shouldn’t have existed in any case.

Here we’ve assembled ten of 2017’s biggest technology failures.

The reason can be anything, it would be testing issue or performance issue, so you must get tested your product by using our best software testing services before launching.

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